Automatically assign one or more roles to users who join the server.

Before You Start:

  • Move Yui's role to the top of your server's role hierarchy.
  • Make sure one of Yui's roles has the Administrator permission.
  • Make sure all the roles you plan to add to the autorole list are already created. Yui cannot create roles.


Adding and Enabling Autoroles

y!autorole add <role>
Adds the given role to the autorole list.
y!autorole enable
Enables autoroles in the server.
y!autorole remove <role>
Removes the given role from the autorole list.
y!autorole disable
Disables autoroles in the server.
y!autorole sync
Assigns all autoroles to all members in the server.
Yui will not assign autoroles to bots. Likewise, y!autorole sync will not assign roles to bots.
Used to assign a role to a member.
Used to assign roles based on reactions added to or removed from a message.
Used to manage self-assignable roles in the server.