Mange self-assginable roles in the server.

Before You Start:

  • Move Yui's role to the top of your server's role hierarchy.
  • Make sure one of Yui's roles has the Administrator permission.
  • Make sure all the roles you plan to add to the self-assignable role list are already created. Yui cannot create roles.


Adding Self-Assignable Roles

To make a role self-assignable, use y!sas add "<name>" "<role>" {message}. Replace <name> with the name you want members to use when subscribing to the role. Replace {message} with the message you want Yui to respond with when a member subscribes to the role.

Removing Self-Assignable Roles

To remove a role from the list of self-assignable roles, use y!sas remove <name>.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

To subscribe to a role, use y!sub <name>.
To unsubscribe from a role, use y!unsub <name>.
You can view the list of self-assignable roles with y!sub. If you have the Manage Roles permission, you can also view this list with y!sas list.
Used to assign roles based on reactions added to or removed from a message.
Used to automatically assign one or more roles to members when they join the server.
Last modified 1yr ago