Manage a ship with another user or view another member's ship.

Starting a Ship

To start a ship, use y!ship <user>. Yui will then ask the mentioned user if they would like to join the ship.
A ship request can be accepted by responding with accept or rejected by responding with reject.
Ship requests will time out after five minutes. After a ship request times out, a new request can be made immediately.

Editing a Ship

To rename your ship, use y!ship rename <name>.
To change the color of your ship, use y!ship color <color>. A hex code may be used if the color name is not accepted.
If you need help finding a hex code, you may refer to this site. Use the code next to the #.

Leaving a Ship

To leave a ship, use y!ship leave or y!ship sink.
If you leave a ship and create a new ship with the same user, any levels gained from time in the previous ship will be lost.

Viewing Another Member's Ship

To view someone else's ship, use y!ship view <member>.